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New Membership Application

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Membership Requirements

Each member is required to hold an active membership in the Non-Traditional Student Organization.  To be an active member a person will need to:

  • Pay Dues to an officer in the NTSO Lounge (LBJ Student Center 4-3.1); $15 per Fall & Spring semesters
  • Uphold the mission/by-laws of the organization

I understand the requirements of being an NTSO member and that there are additional requirements that I will have to meet to be eligible for the NTSO scholarship (these can be found on the NTSO documents page).


Agree to the Code of Conduct

The NTSO Lounge is a space provided to the Non-Traditional Student Organization to support organization activities and the needs of Non-Traditional Students at Texas State University.

To support the building of a healthy, supportive community, we expect all members to encounter other students with respect and courtesy, address concerns directly with individuals or groups as they arise, to take responsibility for the physical space, and to adhere to the Texas State University Code of Student Conduct and the guidelines specified below.

We work together to care for the space and create an environment where all Non-Traditional Students feel welcome. The NTSO Officers and Staff Advisor are here as a resource for you; feel free to ask questions and provide feedback.


I agree to the following guidelines as a member of NTSO:

  1. I understand that NTSO is an organization of diversity and that not everyone may have the same opinion as I do. I agree to show respect to other members with differing opinions and if necessary will agree to disagree.
  2. I understand that the NTSO lounge is an open conversation area and that profane or abusive language and domination of conversations is not acceptable behavior.
  3. I understand that conversations in the NTSO lounge may be overheard by others, including the Director of the Student Center, so I will be aware of the topics of discussion in the NTSO lounge.
  4. As a Non-Traditional Student, I will act appropriately according to the Texas State University Code of Student Conduct while on campus as I may be viewed as a role model by Faculty and Staff for other students.
  5. Various services such as computers, microwave and refrigerator are available to members for use. Removal of any item either property of the university or another member without approval will be considered theft and referred to the University Police if necessary.
  6. Harassment or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated at any time in the lounge. NTSO is an organization that welcomes any visitor.
  7. Visitors must be accompanied by a member of NTSO. 
  8. Since the lounge is a public area and provides an image of the organization, I will clean up after myself and help to keep this area clean.


I agree to adhere to these guidelines in order to contribute to a community that is beneficial and respectful to everyone. 

Members who choose not to follow these guidelines may be subject to disciplinary actions as provisioned by the NTSO By-Laws and Texas State University. 

By signing below I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the Code of Conduct for NTSO.

Acknowledgment *