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Member Complaint Form

About Member Complaints

If you are a member of the NTSO and you have had an uncomfortable experience with another member or have overheard another member being inappropriate, racist, sexist, or just plain mean-spirited, please submit this form. If they made you uncomfortable, they probably made someone else uncomfortable too and the NTSO is meant to be an open, positive space for everyone.

Though we ask for your information, you will not be mentioned in the interview with the member being accused. This information is confidential and will only for our records and should we need clarification.

Please know that due to Title 9 we are required by Texas State to report significant incidents to the Campus Police, and they will conduct an investigation. Out of an abundance of caution, all parties in the investigation will be temporarily suspended from the membership while the investigation is underway.

If Your Complaint Is Against An Officer

This form goes directly to the Officers. If your complaint is about the conduct of an Officer, please go to the front desk and ask for the email of the NTSO Advisor. The Advisor is one step above the Officers and is here for you.

Was anyone in the area or witnesses? Please list their name and NetID if possible.
Add as much detail as you can


I agree that I am stating the truth and that I understand the consequences of submitting a false claim could lead to disciplinary action.